World Roma 50th Anniversary Exhibition

World Roma 50th Anniversary Exhibition, 1st Roma Congress, Orpington,1971.


In this year of the 50th Anniversary of the first World Roma Congress held in Britain with acts of making I will create patteran, Romani for signs, to map where we, the Roma and Traveller community have been and mark where we are going.

With acts of travelling ground using film and digital media I will create patteran that reflect the 1st Roma Congress’s desire for a celebration of the vibrancy and transnational nature of Roma culture.

I see these signs as a metaphor for the Roma diaspora, how we established ourselves in the bare earth, growing in this new ground, re- imagining landscapes.

This new video installation piece, has a narrative structure constructed from segments and phrases from pre-existing artefacts such as film, photography and includes elements of my work, family history and digital travel’s I have made.

In collaboration with: Oblique Arts, London, Foundation Kai Dikhas, Berlin, and ERIAC (European Roma Institute for Art and Culture), Berlin.