Meadow Arts Commission

My piece of work for RURALities, a Meadow Arts commission, is a video documentary/online performance; a new video installation piece, with a story like structure constructed from elements of my work, family history, and digital travels I’ve made. It also includes pre-existing film, photography, and literature found online.

I’ve embraced the medium of digital storytelling, keyboard and screen, and taken inspiration from the net itself; its ability to facilitate communication enables a direct connection with the viewer, as an artist with canvas, steel, or stone.

Although it’s not directly linked to the COVID crisis, this work could not have been made without its context. It has become a meditation on the past, the present, and the future, a reflection that explores how Romani Contemporary Art can support the community, its values, and provide an alternative form of activism in tackling structural inequality.

The Hartlebury Museum’s wonderful collection provides a unique way of presenting my work. The wagon offers an unexpected window which looks out into a different time, space, and memory, blurring past’s, present’s, and futures.


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