Schafhof Art and Healing

Art and Healing – A Roma Contribution for Europe

Roma individuals around Europe make a tremendous effort to keep the record of a Roma cultural history archived, with events remembered, and through Roma-led activities and assemblies, the Roma continue to build a genealogy of Roma arts and culture.

The counter- cultural machinery is active through Roma self-representations, self- determinations and through Roma politics calling out political-, economic- and racial oppressions. Roma artists imagine a Europe, where unveiling truths, starting the surgery on ourselves and healing together becomes possible.

The artists share their resources to configurate visions for a peaceful and wholesome Europe. They mitigate the notions of time, space, nature, and community, usingtheir experiences born out of Roma heritage and knowledge, all so utterly connected to the Roma history of survival and resilience, the successful strategies of transgenerational knowledge transfer, and the wise mechanisms of inspiring belonging, building a community, while inviting universal participation.

Timea Junhaus, director of ERIAC

Notes for Germany
Art and Healing, Schafhof – Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern


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