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The British artist Dan Turner also works with the theme of wild herds, but in a completely different way: he draws on the traditional knowledge of British Travellers about herbs and thus also plays with the topic of the witchcraft, which – stereotypically – is often connoted with the minority but in fact is a deep understanding of natural environment.

Turner, who studied sculpture and whose work was part of the 3rd Pavilion of the Sinti and Roma FutuRoma at the 58th Venice Biennale, curated by Dr. Daniel Baker commissioned by ERIAC, sows the herbs in performative actions. The plants that then grow stretch the concept of sculpture The miracle of growth is revealed and we know that even small roots can break large stones. Thus the works of the two artists* presented here are a powerful sign of the power of art and the resistant emancipation movement of the Sinti and Roma.

As Dan Turner says “Let it grow!”

For further information and images please contact the Gallery Kai Dikhas.

Size: Variable
Materials: Glass vitrines, LED/Fluorescent grow lights, capillary mat, growing medium/substrate, Organic non-peat based compost, plants (should be local wild species, cultivated responsibly), Voiles/Curtains


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